Luxe Facial Mask

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Beetroot (Powder)

  • Who knew beets could be so good? Packed with antioxidants, carotenoids, and nutrients, this mask will help you achieve that youthful glow! The amount of beet root in this mask will not stain your skin. This vegan mask was formulated with all skin types in mind

Honey Oats

  • Seeking to clarify, refine, and soften your skin? This mask is for you! Powered by an antioxidant rich humectant, this mask will calm and nourish your skin. This mask was formulated with oily/combination skin types in mind. 


  • If nutrient RICH was a thing! This mask is packed with powerful enzymes and over 100 nutrients. Go ahead and indulge...begin your journey to soft and rejuvenated skin. This vegan mask was formulated with all skin types in mind.